Monday, January 16, 2012

{January Project Party}

Well, we did it! We hosted our first ever Pin Junkies Project Party last week and it was so much fun!

What is a Project Party you might ask? Let us explain ...

Every month the Pin Junkies will be hosting a party for fellow ladies who are on Pinterest and live in the area. We invite 8-10 girls and we all bring a treat or snack and then a project that we've been wanting to do. The projects can be anything related to scrapbooking, cooking, organizing, family traditions, crafts, parenting, church, exercise, or whatever. 

The only rule is that the treats/snacks and the projects that everyone brings have to be something found on Pinterest. Pretty simple right?

And what better way to get something done and eat awesome food than with a group of girlfriends?

We had a great night talking and laughing and sharing stories and through it all, we made new friends and reconnected with others. The hours flew by and the next thing we knew, it was time to wrap up the party and call it a night.

The recipes were so yummy and the projects all turned out great. We will be posting pictures from the party over the next couple of days so make sure to check back and see what happened. We are already looking forward to the party in February!


  1. Ummm. Hello? I believe I meet all of the above mentioned criteria...I'm not above soliciting an invitation. ;)

  2. Ok, since Jealin is not above soliciting an invitation, then neither am I! (Also I wanna hang out with Jealin!)