Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Bathroom Hooks}

If you have spent any time on Pinterest chances are you have seen or pinned this quick little bathroom project.
 I like so many of you thought this idea was genius! I am always trying to find ways to make my small cozy home more space efficient. I loved the idea of assigning each of my kids a towel hook and I loved the idea of labeling them by using their pictures.  Here is what I ended up with.

 I snapped these pictures after the bath and then just popped them in some frames I had sitting around. It has been so nice to have a cute functional space for all 3 towels.

-Junkie Sheri

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Friday, December 30, 2011

{Neighbor Gifts}

I was excited to come up with a plan for neighbor gifts this year. With Pinterest in my life, it's become so easy to find an idea and run with it. I consulted my "Gift Ideas" board and looked through the things I had pinned and came across this ...

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I knew I had ziplocks and plenty of cute paper/ribbon so I set aside some time at night and put them all together. I had pinned these DARLING gift tags from Jones Design Company (click here to see the original post) and put some cardstock in the printer and within a few minutes, my gifts were done!

{The Finished Project}

I had fun putting them together and even more fun eating "muddy buddies" as I worked!

- Junkie Tawni

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{Christmas Party Invitations}

My mother-in-law called a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I would make some invitations for a party she was having. She said she didn't care what color or what style they were, just something festive. I have about 12 shelves of scrapbook paper in my garage so I went out and found some bright Christmas paper, some gift tags, and some red/white pipe cleaner that was laying around from a previous project.

Here's how they turned out ...

I used some plain black cards and inked the edges of my candy cane paper with a charcoal ink. I think ink makes every scrapbook/card project look finished.

They took less than an hour to make and best of all, my mother-in-law loved them too! If you are looking for a simple template for fast invitations/cards, use this one. It's my "go to" when I need to come up with something quick.

- Junkie Tawni
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{Breakfast From The North Pole}

This year, I finally gave in to the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon. I have several friends who have had their "elves" come to visit their household during the holiday season and always thought it was a cute idea. But then I was a total cheapo and didn't want to spend $30 on it. But I caved and started our new family tradition.

And I am so glad I did. My kids LOVED it!

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest from "Little Pumpkin Grace" and fell in love with the whole thing.
How adorable is that???? Be sure to click here to read the original blog post from Jessica's blog. She has a ton of great pictures and ideas from when she did this with her family.

So after Thanksgiving dinner was over and everyone was in their beds and fast asleep, I started setting up the breakfast for the next morning. 

And the next morning we led the kids out to the kitchen and told them that a special elf had been sent down from Santa and that he had brought us breakfast. It was so much fun to watch their eyes light up with excitement. I am FOR SURE doing this every year. Here are some of the pictures from our breakfast ...

The breakfast from the North Pole was a MAJOR HIT - so happy that I came across this on Pinterest! And I think other than it being super cute, it was super easy. I didn't really have to make anything. Just bought powdered sugar doughnuts, made hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and had some cheerios on hand to snack on too. Add some chocolate coins and a couple candy canes and voila! All done and so simple. I hope that you try this tradition with your family, I am looking forward to the North Pole Breakfast being a part of our holiday season for many years to come.

- Junkie Tawni
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Monday, December 19, 2011

{Breaking Dawn Party}

I wouldn't call myself a "Twilight Mom" but I will admit that whenever a new Twilight movie comes out, I do get a little giddy. Maybe it's because I loved the book series so much or maybe it's because I love me some Edward. Either way, the minute we bought tickets to the midnight showing, we also started looking online at Pinterest to see what fabulous ideas there were regarding Twilight parties. And oh my, there were a lot.

First we needed a jumping off point on how to set up our food table. We found this one from "Candy and Cake" and used it as our guide.
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We knew we wanted to have a balloon garland as well. We had seen one on Pinterest from "A Girl And A Boy" and loved the idea. Such a simple way to add balloons to your decor without needing helium.
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So here is how our table looked ... Are you loving the balloon garland or what???

We got the printable quotes and signage from "Gluten Free Frenzy"
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We are already looking forward to the next one!!!

- Junkie Sheri and Junkie Tawni
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{Going Gray}

Let's just talk about my obsession with gray paint. I love love love it! I have found NUMEROUS images on Pinterest that I hoped to one day use for inspiration in my own home. And then I saw this one from Censational Girl and knew I just had to paint my walls. Immediately.

(Click Here for the original blog post)

Yes the fireplace is amazing and so is that mirror.

I have no fireplace or fantastic mirror like that in my house but I hoped that the gray would still look good. So one Friday night in October, my mom and I went to dinner and then grabbed painting supplies and started our project. 

My house has had nice beige walls for the past 6 years. Nothing wrong with the color beige but I was ready for a change after I saw all the beautiful gray walls on Pinterest.

So here is the BEFORE picture

And look how beautiful the new wall color is!!!!

I am loving the new look. I feel like a few simple coats of paint changed the entire look of my house. I feel like it's the perfect shade of gray for me and my taste.

Like what you see?

The paint I used was from Sherwin Williams. It is the HGTV Brand and it's called "Skyline Steel #1015." The paint color is not currently sold in stores but they still know how to mix it up for you.

So now that my walls were the right color, it was time to come up with a different idea for my entryway table. I had always had my black table against the wall with our three wedding pictures above it. On the table were a variety of decorations like a clock, a wreath, some pictures, and a few other things. It wasn't ugly, it wasn't horrible, it was just boring. It had been the same way for the past 6 years and now that I had new paint, I needed a new look.

One of my favorite things to do is look through what I already have on hand. Save yourself money, save a trip to the store, and use the awesome stuff you have throughout your house. You can create a whole new look by moving stuff around. 

I needed a jumping off point and I decided on a mirror. Enter a quick trip to TJ Maxx and $70 later I had my mirror. The rest of the entryway table came together by grabbing a lamp, a wreath, and some picture frames from stuff I already had and I was finished.

I love me a soft warm glow ...

Here is a pretty good idea of how the mirror looks against the gray paint - perfect!
 So happy it's done, now onto the next project!

- Junkie Tawni
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

{Super Cute Treat Bags}

Every year my husband's company has a potluck luncheon on Halloween. The employees bring the food and our kids come show off their costumes and we all eat and hang out. 

This year I was asked to make some sort of treat bags that we could fill up with candy and give to the kiddos. I had a couple of ideas in my head but couldn't decide what direction to go. So I jumped on Pinterest as I always do when I am stuck in a creative funk and searched for some gift bag ideas. 

After looking through a few pins, I came across this image from
(click here to view the original PIN)

I wasn't really into the picture on the front of the bag, but I liked the simplicity of just dressing up plain old brown paper bags. I wanted mine to be a bit more personalized so I decided to go with the paper bag idea and incorporate each child's name on there somehow. After a trip to Michael's to grab some supplies, my project was underway.

Here's what I came up with ..... 

Absolutely loved the way they turned out. Maybe it was the glitter, maybe it was colors, maybe it was how easy they were to make. 

If you are looking for a really fast, easy, and cute way to make a treat/gift bag, I would highly recommend this one! If you would like to make your own bags, here's a list of supplies you will need ....

1) Brown Paper Bags (I like the ones with the handles)
2) Scrapbook Paper
3) Glue/Adhesive (I use Glue Dots)
4) Ribbon
5) Tissue Paper
6) Paper Hole Punch

Have fun!

- Junkie Tawni
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