Friday, December 30, 2011

{Christmas Party Invitations}

My mother-in-law called a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I would make some invitations for a party she was having. She said she didn't care what color or what style they were, just something festive. I have about 12 shelves of scrapbook paper in my garage so I went out and found some bright Christmas paper, some gift tags, and some red/white pipe cleaner that was laying around from a previous project.

Here's how they turned out ...

I used some plain black cards and inked the edges of my candy cane paper with a charcoal ink. I think ink makes every scrapbook/card project look finished.

They took less than an hour to make and best of all, my mother-in-law loved them too! If you are looking for a simple template for fast invitations/cards, use this one. It's my "go to" when I need to come up with something quick.

- Junkie Tawni
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