Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Party Projects}

Well, here we are wrapping up our posts from the Pinterest Project Party with pictures of the projects that we did that night. We had such a fabulous night full of laughter, food, and we actually managed to accomplish a few projects too!

Marisa made this wonderful personalized dry erase board for her daughter. It's got a place for a photo, a schedule, and notes. Plus its framed in a super cute chunky black frame!

Marisa got her inspiration for her dry erase board from this one at

Sunni chose to make the Valentine's treats and they turned out darling! She personalized them with photos of her children. Genius.

Sunni got her inspiration from this idea found at

Michelle made a super cute Valentine's Treat Box for her son to use at school. I don't have any sons but apparently there is an extreme lack of creative ideas when it comes to treat boxes for boys. So if any of you are looking for one, there is still plenty of time to make your own before the big day arrives. She has a couple more steps to complete before it's all the way done but you can check out the link below to see what the final treat box will look like. Soooo fabulous!

Michelle's project was inspired by this one from

Sheri and I both decided to get a jump start on our Valentine's Day decor and we chose to make Valentine's wreaths for our front doors.

Sheri's wreath was inspired by this one from

My wreath is far from being done. I need to add a bunch more tulle to make it thicker and I think I might even change the size of my wreath foam too. I plan to add a big flashy ribbon to hang it from as well but here's what it looked like at the end of the night.

I found my inspiration from this tulle wreath from

Cortney made a darling spring wreath for her front door too. It was sooooo soft and the perfect shade of green. I loved the little flower detail on it too!

Cortney's inspiration came from this wreath found at

Kim was able to join us at the end of the party so she wasn't able to do a project but she still graced us with her wonderful presence!

Thanks to everyone who came, we had such a great night with all of you and we are looking forward to the next one!


  1. Remind me to put on make up for these glamour shots next time! Fun night!

    1. Ha! We should include that on the invitations ... Please come with full hair and makeup and maybe a boa or some type a glamor shot accessory for your close up.