Saturday, January 14, 2012

{Stella's 4th Birthday}

Well, my daughter is 4 years old as of this week. I still can't believe it!

Back in November, my husband and I started to ask her what she wanted to do for her birthday. She had two very simple requests.

1) Go to dinner as a family at Chuck-A-Rama
2) Go bowling with her friends

I had to laugh. It put a smile on my face to hear those requests because it made me realize that as long as she is surrounded by her family and friends, she would have a happy birthday.

So since I had zero bowling items on hand and needed a starting point, I decided to get the invitations picked out/made first and then go from there. I jumped on Pinterest, not expecting to find much, but as always, ideas and inspiration are never lacking on Pinterest. 

I found these DARLING invitations within minutes ... (to see the original post, click here)
ETSY Shop: Just Click Print Design Studio (click here to visit the shop)

Ummm, love those! 

So I ordered the invitations from ETSY that minute because I just knew that they would be perfect. 

Side Note: This shop is AMAZING! The invitations were customized, ordered, printed, and picked up when I found out that we had to change the location and time of the party. I immediately asked to have  JustClickPrint Design Studio to redo them for me and was prepared to pay her. She did it within a couple hours and didn't charge me a penny. I appreciated her excellent customer service and willingness to help me out so much!

On the morning of her actual birthday, I wanted to have something fun in her bedroom to wake up to. I considered hanging a banner or crepe paper across the room but then I saw some way cute pictures on Pinterest where balloons were used to fill up a room and just floated on the ceiling. 

So after looking at those ideas, I got my balloons ready the night before and then we stuck them in her bedroom the next morning before she woke up.

It was an instant hit. She LOVED it.

So thank goodness for Pinterest. It gave me some great birthday ideas and I must say, the balloons in the bedroom will now be a family tradition for our kids. So simple and yet such a hit. That's what it's all about.

- Junkie Tawni

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