Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Awesome Vinyl Calendar}

Some days I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I guess it's because the kids are getting older and becoming more and more involved with daily activities such as school, ballet, and gymnastics. Add in other stuff like dentist/doctor appointments, church callings, family activities, plans with friends, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, and so on. I used to be able to remember it all in my head but apparently the brain cells have been dying off slowly and I'm no longer able to keep track of it all on my own.

So I decided it was time to get a family calendar where I could write down all of our "stuff." I know. We've been married for 8 1/2 years and have 2 kids and I have never had a calendar in our house. 

I officially began my search for  1) a cute calendar and 2) a good way to display it. I knew I wanted a cute calendar that was fun to look at but I didn't want to commit to making one of those scrapbook styles because I have tried that in the past and I never made it beyond March.

So the scrapbook style was out. Next up. A digital one? Those are super easy and fun to create but I wanted something a little larger so there was plenty of room on the daily spaces to write stuff down. 

Scratch the digital. Then I was online one day and looking at Pinterest and I decided to do a search for "calendars" and see what other people had come up with. Lo and behold, I found a vinyl dry erase calendar that was perfect!

I hadn't thought of dry erase and vinyl but I loved the idea that it was going to be flat on my wall and that I could use colored markers and if I needed to make a change or erase something, it was as easy as wiping it off and adding something else.

I decided to head over to ETSY and I found a shop called "Simple Shapes" (click here to visit their ETSY Shop) who offered a ton of styles for these kind of calendars. I found one that I liked, ordered it, and had it just in time for the new month. 

Yay for organization and attempting to keep track of it all. 

Have a GREAT Tuesday!

- Junkie Tawni

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