Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Shredded Chicken}

I don't want to seem overly dramatic but, I am about to change your life! I found this little tip on Pinterest about 6 months ago and I am honestly giddy every time I use it. It never fails, saves so much time and gives you perfectly shredded chicken in seconds.

All you do is...cook your chicken however your recipe calls for it. Once the chicken is cooked and ready to be shredded, toss it into the bowl of your stand mixer
Now, using your paddle attachment mix on high for about 8-10 seconds. TaDa! Perfectly shredded every time!
 Isn't that FANTASTIC!?!

A couple quick notes:
Make sure you watch it closely, the shredding happens quickly and if you let it go too long it will be too fine. Also, I haven't tried this with other meats but I can't imagine it not working as long as it is boneless and fully cooked.

Happy Cooking
-Junkie Sheri
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  1. I do this with Costco roasted chicken. I buy 2-3 chickens at Costco (cuz they are SO yummy & SO cheap). Then I bone them and shred them and freeze the meat in ziploc freezer bags. It makes the perfect go-to meat for burritos, enchiladas, chicken salad, etc . . . I just heat it up in a skillet & add whatever seasoning I want that night. Love it!