Monday, March 5, 2012

{Going To A Family Of 5}

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of January (literally on New Year's Day - great way to start off 2012!) and I decided to search a few ideas on Pinterest for fun ways to announce pregnancy. I found lots of creative cute ideas but I really liked these ones ...

I bought a sheet of plywood at Home Depot, had Sheri's husband cut it into squares for me (shout out to George!) and then I just painted them with chalkboard paint and wrote the numbers on them when they had dried. Easy peasy.

When I finally hit 12 weeks, I asked Cher to come over and take our picture. Unfortunately, it was a windy afternoon and freezing cold but the girls were both so excited to hold their signs that they would have smiled for as long as Cher asked them to. It just took about 5 minutes to get a picture and I loved the end result.

If anyone is looking for a fun way to announce a pregnancy, this was fun and super simple.
Thank you Pinterest!

- Junkie Tawni

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