Friday, November 18, 2011

{Weekly Cleaning Schedule}

Cleaning Schedule from The Blooming Homestead 

I knew the minute I came across this on Pinterest that I would be trying it out. I have been wanting to get myself on a cleaning schedule for a couple of months but never got around to sitting down and writing one down. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I had plenty of schedules to choose from but this one from The Blooming Homestead stood out to me. Maybe it was the colors, maybe it was the fonts, but for whatever reason, I loved it.

So we got home from vacation and unpacked the car and when I finally had a minute to look around, I realized our house was a disaster. Complete and utter chaos. I decided that it was time to start the cleaning schedule to get on track.

I printed out my new cleaning schedule and stuck it right up on my fridge and started with the area of the house for the day. It was the kitchen. My most dreaded area to clean. I have the HARDEST time keeping clutter off our kitchen counters. It seems like that is where everything that doesn't have a place to go ends up. It will be cleaned up for one day and then it's back to disaster the next. Grrr. But with my new plan in mind, I grabbed my ipod, stuck in my headphones, and started tackling the mess.

{Kitchen Table}

{Kitchen Counters}

I love displaying wedding announcements, baby showers, and pictures up on our fridge. But the problem is that after awhile, it starts to look a bit cluttered. So I took the time to put all the stuff in my memory box and got the fridge all cleaned up.

After doing the fridge, I was on a roll. I decided to get all those little fingerprints off the rest of the appliances. Love the look of stainless steel but the smudges can get out of control super fast.

{End Result - Love it!}

So I started this on a Tuesday and stuck to it all week long and I loved it! I thought it was nice to walk by the bathroom and see that it needed some attention but not feel like I had to get to it that minute because I knew that I would be dedicated it to it later in the week. It brought me a sense of peace and calm. It might seem lame but I loved knowing that there was an assigned time during the week for each area of my house. By the time the end of the week arrived, my house was in great shape and so tidy! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a GREAT cleaning schedule.

- Junkie Tawni
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  1. Love your cute website!! I totally just printed off the cleaning chart. Very cute!

  2. I love the cleaning chart! You did a great job! I'm a new follower! :)