Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Valentine's Day Class Treats}

I knew the minute I saw this on Pinterest I would be making something similar for my daughter's school class.
How awesome are those???

I loved this idea so I began my search for my supplies. I found clear plastic tubes, Valentine's Day scrapbook paper, and some fun glittery ribbon at one of our local scrapbook stores, Dandylion Wishes, and I put them all together.

 I only had to make 10 of them (yay for small preschool classes!) and they came together in about half an hour. Looks like we are ready to go to her Valentine's Day party on Monday!

- Junkie Tawni
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  1. Tawni, I love this!! I think I might have to do those for Chloee's class. Where did you find the little tubes?

  2. Chantel,

    Thank you! Easy and cute are my favorite combo! I got those tubes at Dandylion Wishes on Bluff where Pebbles In My Pocket used to be. They have other styles and sizes too!